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Best Ayurvedic Syrup Range

Swastik Ayurveda, the top ayurvedic company provides the best ayurvedic syrup range. The company exclusively work in the domain of ayurvedic products and with the time we have become an outstanding company with remarkable products. We supply ayurvedic syrups which are capable of treating fever, liver, cough, weakness, digestion, anemia, etc. The company provides the opportunity to various distributors all over India to start the franchise business. Any individual who fulfills the criteria set by us can start the franchise business in different range of products including Syrups.

Swastik Ayurveda – Syrup Range of Products

Swastik Ayurveda manufactures a different range of ayurvedic products, in various forms. Among those forms, syrups are astonishingly doing well in the market. As the Indians are again looking back to those times, when ayurvedic treatment was used to treat various problems, the demand has increased. As the syrups are easy to consume, and additionally the with no side effects, they are in high demand. This has forced companies like us to manufacture syrups covering different domains of diseases. Below are the products, which already have secured their place in the pharmaceutical market:

Fever-Go Syrup – It contains Antipyretic. Antipyretic are the substances which are used to treat fever. It lowers down the body temperature, thus controlling fever.

Livzoom syrup – It is a Liver Tonic. Consumed for the well functioning of the liver. As the liver is an important part of the digestion process, Livzoom will help in digestion too.

Menso-Mantra syrup – This ayurvedic syrup helps in the regularization of the menstrual cycle. Also, it prevents pain during menstruation. The syrup contains Vitamin C and Iron.

Mutravahini syrup – It is a kidney stone syrup. The kidney stone is a mineral build up in the kidney. If not treated well, it may get big and cause problems in excretion. The syrup prevents the accumulation of the minerals.

Novalie-ZS Syrup – It is also a liver tonic enriched with silymarin (which act as an antioxidant), kalmegh (which helps in countering infections).

Tus-Relief syrup – Ayurvedic Cough syrup, made from Tulsi and Honey is capable to treat cough. It is sugar-free syrup.

Vita Total Syrup – It is a herbal vitalizer syrup. This syrup is prescribed for weakness after a prolonged illness, general debility, anemia, and aphrodisiac.

Hemosafa Syrup – It is a syrup used as a blood purifier.

Dyzume syrup – It treats constipation, contains the natural digestive enzyme, regulates liver and stomach function. The syrup is sugar-free.

Scope of Ayurvedic Syrups

Syrups effect faster than tablets, or capsules. The body extracts around 90% from syrup dosages and on the other hand only 30-40% from tablets/capsules. Also, children and old age people are not recommended to have tablets/capsules. They are prescribed syrup. Being an ayurvedic syrup is like icing on the cake. As the ayurvedic products possess no side effects. Growing awareness of ayurvedic syrups has opened doorways for the companies and franchises to expand their business in this range. As the population has been increasing, and also the living standards also been increasing, the need for ayurvedic products is booming. The effectiveness and ease to consume syrups have made sure that the syrups will rule the market.

Reasons to Start PCD Franchise with Swastik Ayurveda

Be it North India or South India, the ayurvedic products have made an impact in the market. Almost everyone has encountered some kind of ayurvedic products once in the lifetime, Over the last few years, the demand has increased, as the ministry of Ayush of Indian Government is running various awareness programs to promote the traditional medication methods. Swastik Ayurveda tapped the opportunity and expanded the ayurvedic products in the market. Many franchise partners have already established the business with us and are prospering their career. The reasons why they preferred us are:

Monopoly rights: You will be the sole distributors in your region. Nobody will interfere in your region as you will have monopoly rights.

Brand Name: The name of the Swastik Ayurveda is a synonym to purity and quality. Many of the franchise partners chose us just because they found our products doing pretty good in surrounding regions.

Certified Products: The products manufacturing units WHO:GMP certified. Also, our products are ISO certified.

Full Marketing Support: We not only help you in setting up a business but also provides you with marketing support which will help you to boost your business.

Along with the above reasons, the company is also known for no hidden clause in business, promotional tools, quick delivery, best packaging to safeguard the products from damage, etc.