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The demand for various kinds of herbal and ayurvedic products is constantly rising with every passing day. As per many reports, it is estimated that the value of the ayurvedic product market will reach around US$ 14.9 Bn by 2026. Product ranges offered under the herbal and natural product range cover tablets, capsules, syrups, powder, and much more. But the most frequently used are Ayurvedic Powder and Herbal Powder.

There is a various best ayurvedic medicine for overall health, and keeping the health of people in mind Swastik Ayurveda is offering its quality range of Ayurvedic Powder For the Pharma Franchise as well as for manufacturing in India. Herbal Powder range is offered by us for various health ailments such as constipation, digestive churn(powder), Triphala powder, laxative powder, etc, and immunity-boosting powder.

Widest Range of Herbal Powder By Swastik Ayurveda

There are various ranges that are being used by many individuals for solving some kind of health disorders that they might be facing. But at the moment the most frequently used one is powder as is a very convenient way of consuming the medicine. There are various ingredients that are grinded and then mixed in order to come up with a quality rich herbal and ayurvedic powder. The ayurvedic medicine market in India is doing real good largely because of the ayurvedic powders offered by ayurvedic powder manufacturers like us – Swastik Ayurveda.

We offer every kind of churna powder for pharma manufacturing as well as for the pharma franchise business. Coarse powders, fine powders, and various classifications of choornams are being offered by us consisting of single herb powders, poly-herbal powders, and herbo-mineral powders. The traditional dosage that is given is 12 grams and the practical dosage is around  3-6 grams in a single dose. Have a look at the offering of our company for the herbal and ayurvedic range.

  • Gut Set-Go Powder: This powder is the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Along with it it also solves the problem of constipation and digestive problems also.
  • Swastik Pachak Churan: It is a Herbal Pachak Churan(Powder) used for increasing the digestive power of the individual who uses it. Gastric issues such as bloating and gas are effectively solved by it.
  • Triphala Powder: It contains active ingredients of Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amla. Free radicals in the body are fought by it. Various antioxidants are also in it which makes it the best ayurvedic powder for boosting immunity.
  • Easy-Flow Powder: This is the best Powder(Churan) to be used as a laxative as it is having its active ingredients such as isobgol husk, yashtimadhu, senna, harad, kali mirch, amaltas. 
  • Swastik Immune-M Chyavanaprash: Swastik Immune-M Chyavanaprash is a combination of ayurvedic health supplements that are made up of nutrient-rich herbs and minerals. It is very good for boosting stamina and also restoring strength. 

100% Quality Rich Herbal Powder Range Offered 

Swastik Ayurveda is among the top herbal and ayurvedic companies that are working pretty well to offer a wide range of herbal powders and churans. The reason why we are giving special emphasis on offering Powder range is that it is better in its effectiveness to treat the problem that one might be having. As soon as it gets placed on the tongue, it starts working and showing its effect. That’s why we have appointed a special team of herbal and ayurvedic experts who are having a good amount of working experience in the pharma sector. Have a look at some of the features that our company holds regarding the quality that we provide to all the linked pharma professionals.

  • Advanced machines are being utilized by us for the manufacturing work and regular lubrication is being done on the same.
  • Herbal and ayurvedic experts are linked with us from the very first day and they assist us in finalizing the formulation for the Ayurvedic powders.
  • The herbal powder(churna) range prepared by us aims to target the market of Ayurveda.
  • The raw material used by us is of 100% good quality.
  • Before sending the product for final delivery, a number of quality checks are done by the pharma experts working with us.

Best Natural Herbal Powder Products For Pharma Business 

Seeing the demand for various herbal and natural powders, Swastik Ayurveda has made its aim to offer a wide range of churna and powders for the PCD Pharma Franchise Business and for manufacturing also. By getting in touch with a reputed Ayurvedic herbal Powder manufacturer like us, one will be able to get the chance to work with experts. A good number of clients had worked with us till now and they haven’t faced any issues regarding the same. Ayurvedic powder benefits are so many which are offered by us. We are acknowledged as a leading Ayurvedic Powder manufacturer in India. The firm is also offering Ayurvedic Powder PCD Pharma Franchise in India.

  • The pharma franchise opportunity is a monopoly based and a great range of incentives will be offered with the same.
  • On-time delivery is guaranteed by us on all the orders which are taken.
  • A warehouse facility is also offered for those who may require it at some time.
  • The research & development team that is working with us is well experienced and they don’t leave space for any kind of error to arise.
  • Packing done is of top class so that the shelf life of the product remains intact for a long period of time.